End-to-end consulting and contractor services, industrial flooring systems

We offer full range of consulting and contractor services related to floors, substrate preparation, expansion joints or repairs.

Contractor services

Ordering the work with a specialized contractor is a guarantee of satisfaction with your floor. Our employees have gained their experience by laying floors in virtually any business They have worked with various substrates while constructing new facilities or repairing heavily worn concrete, terrazzo or tile-covered floors. To ensure fully professional services we have equipped them with the best floor processing and floor application tools available in the market.

Consulting services

Proper selection of a flooring system is of utmost importance to ensure many years of trouble-free use of the facility where it is going to be installed. We are glad to share our knowledge with future customers as early as at the stage of planning, designing and cost estimation of the project. We provide assistance in assessment of the substrate condition and selection of the repair method for areas to be repaired, we support our customers in selection of parameters of new floors and offer consulting services in use and maintenance of industrial flooring systems made by us.

End-to-end substrate preparation

Resin floors should be laid on properly cleaned and roughened substrates. To do this we perform shot blasting, grinding or milling according to the substrate type and condition, using USF Blastrac equipment, the world leader in equipment production.

Concrete floors
In case of new projects or where a worn out concrete floors located in rooms to be repaired need to be replaced we can offer our customers the execution of that project stage too. With such a solution the investor is relieved from the necessity to look for a larger number of suppliers, agree individual execution dates or warranty terms. We can also prepare a design of the concrete floor
Line painting
Line painting <br>

The process of laying floors in production buildings, warehouses or garages necessitates the creation or restoration of signs. Also that project scope can be ordered with our company. We can mark your pedestrian traffic routes, transport routes, paint lines in production buildings, road signs or pedestrian crossings in parking lots etc.

End-to-end services

Collaboration with our customers is not finished after the service is invoiced. We offer end-to-end warranty and post-warranty services, we help our customers in solving possible floor-related problems including floor maintenance, selection of equipment and cleaning agents.

Supply and installation of drainage systems
Any floor will perform its function properly only with well-selected and harmonized construction solutions and good finish. Therefore, we offer e.g. the acceptance of orders for supplies and installation of drainage systems. Through the collaboration with the Cracow company of ATT we are able to offer high-class stainless steel drains.
Expansion joints
and floor repair

Substrate preparation by our company covers also the expansion joint processing including supply and installation of construction expansion joints and repair of substrate. We are able to recondition even heavily worn floors. With our technology we are able to effectively fill the voids, re-profile the slopes, repair the cracks and secure oiled substrates. Once the repair is completed and the resin system is laid the floor looks like a newly made one.